TIF Instruments 8800A

TIF Instruments 8800AI bought this because I was installing my own gas water heater and I’ve learned long ago that having the right tools is the key to success.

I researched this model 8800A over the others and went to the manufacturer website and decide this was the exact model to get.

This paid for itself the first time I used it because I found a small leak upon completion and re-teflon taped a fitting and checked again, and all was well. When it comes to combustible gas, you want to be perfect, not close-enough.

I’ve also used this in the attic to check shutoff valves near the gas furnace, etc.

Recently I moved a large, multi-sectioned stainless steel propane grill from one house to the next. It was so large and so heavy we had to take it apart in pieces, which meant disconnecting lines.

What a great peace of mind to know that when we finally got it to the new house, we could check for gas leaks. We were fine, but my friend wasn’t convinced. We turned the gas on briefly without lighting and tested the detector and it worked like a charm. We let the air clear and all was well. I was only then comfortable knowing that all of the fitting, fasteners, adapters, lines, everything was leak-free.

I recently saw a home improvement show on the Network channels and saw the same signature red Tif Instrument gas detector being used by a professional house inspector and I felt good knowing that I was using the same equipment a professional would choose.

The only downside is that your friends want you to check their houses, too!

Partial List of Detectable Compounds
Compound Min. detectable concentration Compound Min. detectable concentration
Acetylene 50 ppm Methyl Chloride 5 ppm
Iso-Butane (R600a) 500 ppm Hydrogen Sulfide 5 ppm
Methane 500 ppm Acetone 50 ppm
Ethane (R170) 500 ppm Methanol 50 ppm
Propane (R290) 500 ppm Ammonia (R717) 20 ppm
Ethylene 500 ppm Gasoline 1 ppm
Hydrogen 500 ppm Chlorine 1 ppm
Methyl Ether 500 ppm
Vinyl Chloride 5 ppm

Product Features

  • Instantaneous response
  • Detects dangerous explosive gases
  • Automatic warm up
  • Applications include: Gas lines and pipes, aids in identifying Heat Exchanger leaks and hazardous living/working environments
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Note: not an effective Carbon Monoxide detector – see TIF 8500A
  • Audible ‘Geiger counter” type signal
  • Used in almost any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues need to be found

TIF Instruments 8800A